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Specialists in Geosynthetics and Erosion Control

Bio-engineering using our coir fibre products is the proven approach for effective yet sensitive design & construction. Natural materials & (native) growing vegetation bring together biological, ecological & engineering concepts to vegetate & stabilise eroding banks. Native (and even local provenance) aquatic plants used in our coir rolls, plant pallets or edge-sods are selected for their adaptation to varied physical conditions & also provide excellent cover for invertebrates, fish & mammals (water vole).

Coir Rolls

Highly versatile in their applications, they support the growth and development of plants that physically secure the bank or shoreline. Our coir rolls are pre established with British native aquatic plants which have been selected to suit most environments. Rolls are planted at 6 No. plants per linear metre and are supplied in 3 metre lengths in either 200mmØ or 300mmØ. They can also be supplied unplanted.

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Coir Pallets

Our 2m x 1m coir plant pallets are 100% biodegradable and pre-established at our nursery, with various mixes (and monocultures) of British native aquatic plants and are available to suit most applications. Plant pallets are ideal for covering large areas of erosion, or for establishing areas of "instant” aquatic vegetation where none previously existed. Pallets can be considered as pre-established aquatic "turf".

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Coir Edge Sods

Specially formed sods of compressed coir fibre and pre-established with 6 British native aquatic plants. Edge sods are supplied 1 m long x 300 mm deep x 100 mm wide. The unique design and shape of our Edge sods allows them to be used to "green up" vertically faced concrete or metal structures such as gabions and piling or any other shear face revetment. 

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Faggots & Fascines

Made from hazel bundles and formed into 300 or 400mmØ x 2m lengths. Primarily used for erosion control bank restoration and engineering projects. Faggots, once installed, have a very long life and thus become an integral part of many of our designs, particularly where coir fibre rolls and pallets are used. Faggots and Fascines can support coir fibre rolls at the correct height in the water, offer additional protection to the bank while the vegetation establishes and provide a safe aquatic habitat for small fish and invertebrates.

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Nicospan is a pre-fabricated double weave revetment fabric, made from strong, UV stabilised, monofilament yarns that is used in conjunction with FSC machine round class 4 treated timber posts to support the vertical revetment system. Nicospan is a highly economical system for providing permanent erosion control.

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Rock Rolls

Effectively act as a small, flexible and permanent gabion to help prevent wash out and scour. When used in turbulent flows Rock Rolls are used to provide a solid foundation on top of which either pre-established coir fibre rolls or plant pallets can be installed. The roots of the emergent plants then quickly grow into the voids of the rock rolls giving long term erosion control and bank support. Available in 300mm or 400mmØ netting, rock rolls can be used with frost resistant limestone or as specified by the engineer.

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Floating Islands

Floating Islands are a low cost, DIY modular system that allows for the creation of custom made floating islands to suit a variety shapes and applications including treatment systems, habitat and erosion control. They can incorporate unique add-ons such as anti-predator fish refuges, anti-grazing mesh and spawning mediums. This in turn provides habitat sanctuaries, both above and below the water encouraging colonisation by dragonflies, invertebrates, amphibians and fish. In addition, they help absorb pollutants & can remove suspended solids, reducing eutrophication & algae.

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Reed Beds

Verdant Solutions have many years’ experience in constructing reed beds for both treatment systems and habitat. We advocate the use of growing reeds from local provenance seed (where applicable and when time allows) and can arrange the harvesting of donor seed through to the propagation and the eventual planting and maintaining of the reed bed itself.

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Silt Curtains

Silt Curtains are usually used to mitigate silt movement through water caused by major disturbance such as civil engineering works but variants have also been used to control fish movement, for biomanipulation, for machrophyte regeneration and even for bulk silt retention in dredging operations.

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Newt Barrier Fencing

We supply various fences to suit both budget and topography. Our range of newt barrier fencing includes both standard & heavy grade polyethylene membranes (up to 2000 gauge) in clear, green or black and extends to semi-permanent woven and also the permanent Herpetosure fence panelling. We also supply all posts, nails, washers & pitfalls etc. to compliment the range.

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Willow Hurdles

Verdant Solutions willow hurdles are made from English willow grown in the Somerset Levels. Hurdles offer an attractive and natural alternative to fence panels and come in a variety of sizes.

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Timber Products

Verdant Solutions Ltd supply Chestnut stakes & Chestnut pale fencing as well as Hazel hurdles, Hazel faggots, Fascines and Hazel rods for spiling, etc. All of our timber products are cut from sustainably managed woodlands and forests. In addition, we also supply FSC machine round peeled and pointed posts both treated to class 4 and untreated to suit most applications. We also supply timber pegs for fixing erosion control blankets and coir plant pallets in position.

Anti Grazing Protection

Anti Grazing Protection Fencing is a high strength, yet lightweight, heavy duty plastic alternative to galvanised hexagonal netting and welded mesh fencing. Manufactured from polypropylene it is UV stabilised, chemical resistant and will retain its appearance for many years with little or no maintenance. Is ideal for protection against wildfowl on areas of new planting until established.

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